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Creating a more sustainable future

At Vygon Vet, we are very concious of the need to be sustainable in our pratice; climate change presents a major threat to the health of society with harmful carbon emissions contributing to 1 in 20 deaths in the UK. By taking steps  to reduce emissions we will improve health and save lives.
Vygon Vet has been working towards creating a sustainable future for many years and we are pleased to announce our Carbon Neutral Status as a company. We believe that sustainability isn't just about meeting current needs, but more importantly it is about ensuring we are here for the long term and are paving the way for a bright tomorrow. 

We strive to deliver enhanced Corporate Social Responsibilty (CSR), ensuring we manage the social, economic, and environmental effects of Vygon Vets operations responsibly in line with public expectations. 

NHS Evergreen Sustainable Supplier Assessment

We're proud to announce our parent company Vygon UK completes NHS Evergreen Sustainable Supplier Assessment

Vygon UK is pleased to have completed the NHS Evergreen Sustainable Supplier Assessment. The Assessment is a self-assessment and reporting tool and resulted in us receiving Level 2: Comprehensive net zero targets and reporting for carbon emissions. The information reported through Evergreen is supporting us to understand our alignment with NHS sustainability priorities and identify those areas in which we need to accelerate progress.

The Evergreen Assessment is one of several NHS initiatives designed to support its net zero and wider sustainability objectives. We are delighted to be supporting the NHS to achieve their net zero and sustainability ambitions, including those set out in the NHS Net Zero Supplier Roadmap.

Sustainability Milestones

During Autumn 2020, Vygon Vet made a sustainable investment by installing Solar PV Panels on the roof of our headquarters in Swindon. These panels gneerate approximately 53% of site energy requirements, saving 108 tonnes of CO2 in 2021, and the equivalent of planting 1,280 trees.

During the last three years we have also achieved a 48% reduction in electricity-related emissions and an average year on year decrease in both electricity and vehicle-related emissions by 27%

Within our UK operation, our warehouse uses 100% recycled boxes, and we recycle all packaging materials.

As of November 2021, Vygon UK achieved the significant milestone of becoming Carbon Neutral.

It is our goal to progress to a fully electric vehicle fleet by 2026.

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