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VYSET® Custom Procedure Packs: Promoting Best Practice

A VYSET Custom procedure pack allows you to create a high-quality pack to match your local protocol, incorporating all the items you need.

Our VYSET custom packs can standardise insertion procedures and ensure maximum barrier precautions, therefore reducing the associated risk of infection.

Why choose VYSET Custom Procedure Packs?

From concept to implementation we will work with you to develop a high-quality pack to meet your individual needs, giving you peace of mind throughout; manufacturing, sterilisation, distribution, warehousing, implementation & training, and stock management.

Our Custom Procedure Packs have benefits including:

  • VYSET Custom Procedure packs can save you time by reducing preparation time and money, also helping to reduce waste and improve stock management.
  • Our Sales Teams are at your disposal to provide any additional training, help, and advice needed to ensure your Custom pack is a success.
  • Custom Procedure Packs meet national guidelines such as; ensuring maximum barrier precautions and helping you to achieve EU Directive 2010/32/EU2 with our full sharp’s safety offering.
  • All our products and services are developed to support our customer’s evolving needs.
  • We offer a comprehensive and flexible range of delivery services to meet each customer’s needs, including next-day delivery for emergency orders too.

How VYSET custom packs work?

What products can you choose from?

VYSET Custom Procedure Packs promote standardised insertion procedures, ensuring maximum barrier precautions and reduced risk of infection. Ideally suited for many therapy areas including:

  • Theatre & Orthopaedic Packs
  • Soft Tissue Packs 
  • CVC Line Insertion Packs 
  • Cannulation Packs
  • Biopsy Packs
  • Regional Anaesthesia Packs 
  • Arterial Line Packs
  • Surgical Drape packs 

We offer a wide range of products in our packs too. Popular products include:

Bionector, pre-filled saline syringes, peelable drape, sharps safety and ChloraPrep®.

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