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£385.50£771.00 ex.VAT

* All units are purchased in box quantities

This product contains 10, 20 items per box.

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Smartmidline is our CT rated Midline (up to 325psi and 7ml/s*) – a Class II device. It is simple and quick to place using the direct Seldinger technique. Suitable for a wide range of clinical indications from 2Fr to 5FT and 4cm to 25cm, it is also an integrated extension line, which helps to reduce the risk of post insertion complications.

Easy and quick to place Direct Seldinger technique
Midline label For easy identification
Suitable for all patient and user needs From 2 to 5Fr and 4 to 25cm
Atraumatic insertion Rounded or conical flexible tip, reduces the risk of thrombosis
Integrated extension line Keeps manipulation away from the insertion site which reduces the risk of infection
Kit composition**
Puncture needle, 21G - 4.5cm
Stainless steel straight guidewire, 0.018” (0.46mm)
Dilator (only included with 4Fr catheter).

**5Fr catheters are delivered without accessories. Must be used with an MST kit with a 5.5Fr introducer sheath.

Additional information

French Gauge (Fr)

2, 3, 4

Items per Box

10, 20

Length (cm)

8, 10, 15

Product Code French Gauge (Fr) Items per Box Length (cm) Price
0001281310 3 20 10 £771.00 ex.VAT
0001281208 2 20 8 £651.00 ex.VAT
0001281415 4 10 15 £385.50 ex.VAT

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