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August 11, 2022

Whilst completing her anaesthesia training and throughout her residency, Dr Daisy Norgate placed dozens of Vygon’s jugular central venous catheters (CVCs) using the placement procedure packs.

“During my residency I placed a lot of lines and when I used the jugular CVCs and placement packs I didn’t really think about the brand. It was only later when I started to use other types that I really appreciated how good the Vygon catheter and packs were,” Explains Dr Norgate.


In her new role, she’s part of a specialist team dealing with a lot of long and complex liver, thoracic and abdominal procedures, which have an increased risk of bleeding. By placing a central line prior to surgery, the team can be very proactive with managing these cases if blood is required.

Dr Norgate found that the difference between Vygon jugular CVCs and other brands was most pronounced for smaller dogs and cats because of the size of catheter they have to work with.  


“Feeding the guidewire through smaller catheters can be a challenge but not with Vygon. The catheters are just so smooth when you place them,” she explained.

“It’s not difficult at all. The guidewire moves really well and I always have confidence in the procedure. So much so that I can often drop down a size. I do have a favourite though; it’s the 8cm with triple lumen.”


Key to the ease of the placement process is the procedure pack, which provides all the equipment needed – including a mini scalpel, needle free bungs, fenestrated 60x60cm drape and, a small tray all wrapped in a drape towel to create a sterile field - in one kit.

Dr Norgate said she also appreciates the consistency of performance across the wide range of sizes as well as the longevity of the in-dwelling catheter. By speeding up placement, it’s not only beneficial for the patient but also reduces the clinical time required and, therefore, the cost of the procedure.  


“I also like the pack when I’m placing CVC lines out of hours.  You can open up the pack in advance and it’s all there sterile and ready to go.  When there’s just two of you and you need to get a line it works really well,” added Dr Norgate.


Here at Vygon Vet we love hearing the success stories of our customers! If you have a story or practice example you'd like to share with us please get in touch with the Vygon vet team by emailing .

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