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Bionector Soft Blister pack

£76.50 ex.VAT

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Bionector is an established market-leading needle-free device which meets the full range of global opinion leaders’ recommendations for reducing CRBSIs. It has been proven to provide an effective barrier against microbial ingress and help standardise practice by combining a fixed, straight fluid pathway with innovative neutral displacement technology. And it is the only neutral displacement needle-free device in the UK to combine a split-septum with a fixed straight, fluid pathway.

Bionector leads the way with a neutral fluid displacement.This means a specific post-flushing clamping sequence is not required, which in turn helps prevent blood reflux and reduce catheter occlusions. It is also backed up by a robust library of clinical studies, Bionector is proven to be easy to clean and clear. Its smooth split-septum fits tightly into the device housing ensuring it is free from any gaps.The straight, fixed fluid pathway has been proven ‘easy to clear’, designed to provide the most direct and least tortuous route with no moving parts (such as mechanical valves), which reduces the surface area available for biofilm formation.

Aswell as being proven not to represent any risk to either patients or practitioners during an MRI of up to threeTeslas. CT-rated for use with power injectors Bionector has a maximum pressure resistance of 350psi and a maximum flow rate of 10ml/s. Plus, Bionector’s straight fluid pathway is proven ‘flushable’ for macro and microscopic particles such as blood.This is due to a minimal deadspace of just 0.03ml allowing for a low flushing volume (5ml) to clear the device. Clean in accordance with your hospital/department protocol; Bionector can be cleaned with most disinfecting agents (eg 70% alcohol). Avoid antiseptics containing both alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.

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