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MostCareUP Haemodynamic Monitor

Mostcare Up arterial waveform analysis cardiac output monitor

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MostcareUp is the only monitor able to follow, in real-time and from beat to beat, even the slightest haemodynamic variations in the patient.

MostcareUp  an arterial waveform analysis cardiac output monitor designed to guide and enhance clinical decision making in the Operating Room and Critical Care areas.

Our MostcareUp monitor provides real-time continuous advanced minimally invasive Haemodynamic monitoring for assessment of preload, contractility, and afterload. The patented PRAM (Pressure Recording Analytical Method) enables MostcareUp to calculate cardiac output and other key haemodynamic parameters without the need for calibration or input of demographic data.

Applicable in a wide range of patients, both adult and paediatric populations, MostcareUp is non-user dependent and displays variables and trends on a customisable touch screen display. Personalised markers and a graphical trending screen are easily accessed and the ‘Do & Check’ function is designed specifically to aid clinician decision making before, during, and after interventions.

  • HL7 enabled
  • 1 USB port
  • Battery back up

This monitor is suitable for patients with an arterial transducer in situ.

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About Mostcare Up

Mostcare Up is a reliable and efficient system that adapts to a wide range of patient types and clinical conditions. Thanks to its rapid set-up, information can be obtained in real-time and saved, reviewed, and transferred for subsequent analysis.

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